Abstract Topics

​​​Abstracts may be submitted in any of the following topics:

·         Advocacy and patient organisations

·         Bipolar disorders in children and adolescents

·         Bipolar disorders in the elderly

·         Brain structure and brain function

·         Comorbidity between bipolar disorders and medical disorders

·         Comorbidity between bipolar disorders and other psychiatric disorders

·         Cultural differences ​and their consequences​

·         Diagnosis and classification in the DSM5 era

·         Diagnosis in the post DSM5 era

·         Disability / Cognition / Rehabilitation

·         Fighting stigma

·         Genetics and Proteomics

·         Integration of pharmacological, somatic and psychological treatment

·         Physiological, Molecular, Cellular Markers and Models

·         Population health, epidemiology,  economics

·         Prodromes, early recognition, and staging

·        Psychosocial Treatments and self-management

·         Suicide in bipolar disorder

·         Updates on Treatment guidelines

​·          Other (specify category)​


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