Scientific Program

​To view the 2017 Timetable at a Glance, please click on the below:


To view the 2017 Interactive Program, please click on below:

Interactive Program.PNG

Instructions on how to use the Interactive Scientific Program

To navigate through the Interactive Program, please follow the steps below:

Select the View preference – Session Details or Timetable

Session Details:

Select preferred Session Date or Session Type or Search by Author Last Name

Click on the button "Search"

This will take you to the selected information.

Click on the orange boxes  to go inside the session to view the session information and the submitted abstracts.

Timetable View: 

Click on sessions titles to open and see the full session information.

Additional notes on using the Search function:

  • All session types are listed in the Session Type menu.
  • Session information of the type selected will only appear if the Session Type is scheduled on the selected day.
  • The page will appear “blank” if there is no allocated Session Type on the selected day.
  • To view all sessions allocate to a specific session type, please use the Session Type Search function to select the type and then the Session Title drop down menu to select the Session you wish to view

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